IDOC Converter (Receiving IDOCs directly into tables via ODBC )

"i2t-c" is a simple converter. This converter receives SAP-IDOCs from a R/3 system via RFC. The data is passed into tables using a ODBC-Connect.

The transfer is transactional RFC. There is no file based communication like FTP or NFS (and no configuration in the operating system of the SAP application server). The i2t-c converter commits a LUW ("Logical Unit of Work") when the ODBC DB process was committed or does rollback (see SM58).

The data fields of the tables are linked to the IDOC segments and their fields, configured by control tables. No matching charactacter by character or programming needed.

All configuration is done by the config tables

The converter runs as a Windows service on any Windows NT based operating system, as Windows XP ro Windows 7 (Server or Workstation) -

- Acces to SAP R/3-System,
- Microsoft Windows Operating System XP,Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10
- Microsoft MDAC-Installation . See: www.microsoft.com/downloads, Keyword "MDAC" for XP
- ODBC Driver for your Database

Import into DBF files (Dbase, FoxPro)
Import into MDB files (Access)
MS SQL-Server


Download Version 1.1 for Testing
Download Manual (in German only)

Please rquest new Version V 3.E12 .


For more information or support please mail to i2tc@csbg.de