ScanTX-S Downloads

scanTX Downloads

scanTX-S for Windows:


Date Version Comment Link EXE Link MSI  (Setup File)
2015 1 First Version    


Bug Fixes for GUI-Scripting & Batch-Input
Improved Logs
2020-04-07 Memory Parameter can be set by control barcodes
2020-04-27 Import & Export functions improved
2020-10-27 ClickOnce Variant   

scanTX can be installed on any Windows PC and Servers. The current version was developed and tested on Windows 10 systems. 
scanTX will start in Test Mode. In Test Mode all features are active but from time to time a message will pop up which the user has to confirm. You will receive a license key which will stop these messages.


scanTXM Downloads

for Android:  ScanTXM - mobile barcode scanning also into PC