T3CP version history

Description Version Date Files
First Version for downlaod 0.3 28.09.01  
DE & EN language support  0.4.6 09.02.03  
Official version 1.0 1.0.0 22.06.03  
Bug fixes (Link names, performance)
place holder for date (#DATE, #TIME)
1.0.3 18.08.03  
CONNSAP handling, bug fix 1.0.5 06.10.2003  
Support MS SQL 1.1.1    
New Release supporting SAP GUI 720
New Scheduler
2.0.0 2012  
Query & QuickView Extractor
new License type "company" 01.04.2014  
English Translation improved. Multiple Query Filter lines usage now supported (fixed) 07.04.2014  
Back Ground Execution tables bug fixes,
limitation RFC_READ_TABLE handling 09.04.2014  
Problem with command line execution (-display false) solved.
New option "Display" can be set centrally 10.04.2014  
Support of "global" queries. 17.04.2014  
bugfix "create sql for queries"
create link / job with correct working directory
settings.xml always in app directory (problem with lost user/password solved)
ODBC assistent for Excel and Access files
Easy job schedule from structure definition 30.05.2014  
Wizard, translations
local date format settings for activation 14.06.2014  
Translation, Order link 27.09.2014  
Registration Problems solved 03.02.2015  

Define Job Chains (sequence of extractions)
Create Filters in SE16 with dynamic date expressions 15.02.2016  

Update & Installation Problems 29.02.2016  

Detect missing SAP GUI DLLs 05.03.2016  

Support of multiple SAP systems / multiple logins & passwords 23.03.2016  

New field attribute: is Key, send default.
New Query / Table attribute: decide update or insert.
Delete Query.

Performance improvement (background execution) 04.12.2016  

resolve connection string problem with starter 08.12.2016 files652.zip

(minor change: add settings.xml location in log) 09.02.2017 files653.zip

Problem Job Chain solved (if more than one Query in chain) 14.02.2017 files655.zip

Performance Problem query solved    

Disable Log in Settings can be saved. Call Chain from t3cp interactively ("exec."). 26.02.2017 files659.zip

Beta version

Optional using of new RFC library.
* Enabled and disable in Options -> Settings -> use SAP .net Connector

Execution in multiple steps for Tables
* Tables can be updated in multiple steps. The maximum number of records for each step can be set in Edit Table Structure -> SQL Options -> Package. This will be slower but decrease the required RAM.

Multiple saved SAP Connections

* T3CP can now save login Information for multiple SAP connections. Tables and Queries have an assigned SAP Connection that can be changed in Edit Query/Table Structure -> SAP Options -> System. For new structures this is the connection that was used to create it by default.

Multiple Update Modes
There are now multiple Update Modes for Tables that can be selected in Edit Table Structure -> SQL Options -> Update Mode

* Default: This is the most efficient for a relatively large number of changes compared to destination table sizes.

* Use only existing indices:  This will be faster for a small amount of changes on a large Database. Will only be used if the destination table already has an index that fits the key fields, otherwise Default Mode will be used.

* Create and use indices. Creates a suitable index for the key fields if there is none yet and then behaves like “Use only existing indices”. This will take longer the first time it is used on a table. Having an index on a table will also increase storage space make inserts of new records into the table take longer. If there is no index and the database connection does not have the rights to create one, Default Mode will be used. (10/2018) files682.zip

Beta Version

Problems with list display resolved
Support feature 02.09.2019 
 Huge Data Download by RFC using packages foreground and background
Job Chain supporting Packages for RFC_READ_TABLE 20.10.2019
Save connection data / login data correctly 21.10.2019 t3cpsetup686.zip 
t3cp starter in Setup
Show Connection in top right corner for NCO 22.10.2019  
Mass Load for MDB / MS access fixed 24.10.2019  
New Online Help EN & DE
Filter for Queries improved
Scheduling of Tasks improved 10.11.2019 t3cpsetup690.zip  
Problems with old LIBRFC solved 13.11.2019 t3cpsetup692.zip
Click Once
Problems with non-MS SQL systems solved
(Parameter SquareBrackets=X) 07.12.2020 Click Once

Create table for SAP queries
(checking Parameter SQL_CHAR) 12.12.2020 Click Once & update

Support S4H rele. 756 (using NCo) 26.02.2023 t3cpsetup697b.zip

Support SSO 19.04.2023 t3cpsetup698.zip