Notes for SAP User

T3CP is using the RFC protocol calling function modules in the SAP system. To do this, T3CP must log on to the SAP system with an SAP user.

There are two important aspects to keep in mind:

1.) The safety aspect
- T3CP is only reading data and the password is encrypted - nevertheless, the application and especially the s2o_data.mdb should be protected against unauthorized access.

- The SAP user should (at least in the productive system) only have authorization to read the data which is to be read by T3CP.

- The authorization object S_RFC must be assigned to the user to allow the RFC call. With the T3CP test version, you can quickly check whether these prerequisites exist in your productive SAP system.

2.) The license aspect
Depending on the license model, the T3CP user is used as e.g. Considered online users. Make sure that a corresponding license for this user exists.