First steps

After having downloaded and installed T3CP you can start the application and log on to the SAP system.
If you use the T3CP starter you can directly execute the application:

 confirm 1st message:

Confirm the disclaimer and then change the Language to EN and click on "Test":

Login into the SAP system (the list of systems is read from your SAP GUI)

Then read a table structure, eg. for table T000


Create the Destination Table and then "Run" the data transfer.


SQL options for Queries and Tables

You can create a shortcut on the desktop to a "T3CP link" and call T3CP with parameters.

T3CP is called and performs the data transmission, including login automatically - optionally "silently" in background. Just click on the icon and the destination table is updated.

Alternatively you can schedule the transmission in the task scheduler (which is operated by Windows operating system).


Data extraction via RFC call:

  or SAP Queries (* version 2.1)

Scheduler for scheduling of query jobs

• Scheduled transfer in the background

Filter criteria for tables and query requests

• Usage of SAP “variants“ for queries / QuickView  

SQL options:

   Freely definable SQL command before extraction

   Freely definable SQL command after extraction

Log of activities

• Interactive definition of different target ODBC DSN

Mapping of the fields (source and target-field mapping)

• Different database systems can be defined as a destination such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle databases, PostgreSQL or Microsoft Access databases.
• T3CP system tables can be stored on e.g. MS SQL



- Access to a SAP system.
- The SAP GUI must be installed on the Windows computer*.
- Valid SAP user account with appropriate permissions for SAP tables or queries / QuickView to be read
- Windows OS (XP, Win7, Win8, Win10 or Server versions)
- ODBC driver for the target database (s)

* SAP RFC related DLLs are required

Download of Version 2.1

T3CP can be used directly after installation in a test mode. Limitation of the test account: In automatic mode (with parameter-L) a pop up message has to be confirmed manually.

See: t3cp documentation



See t3cp Hints & Notes



Basis license for one single machine: € 250,- *   dedicated for one machine / CPU
Full license for one single machine: € 450,- * dedicated for one machine / CPU, including management of job chains, 1 year support
Company license for 5 users  or machines: € 950,- *   dedicated for one company, including management of job chains, activation online or offline, 1 year support

You will receive the license key by e-mail.
Switch off the test mode restrictions by entering the license key.

*plus VAT 19% in Germany

Change the language of the application:

You can set the language to English after setup:
Start T3CP, goto Menu "Einstellungen --> "Extras/ Sprache" and choose "EN" instead of "DE"

Confirm with "Speichern".

For Support and additional information please mail to

Please note the T3CP Disclaimer.